Honor Code

ICTCP® needs to protect the value and integrity of its exams. For that reason, certain exams may only be made available if candidates agree to be monitored remotely through their webcams.

However, we understand that remote proctoring may not always be feasible from a financial, technical or privacy-related point of view. Therefore, certain (Foundation) exams are NOT monitored.

We strongly believe that most people want to act honestly and honorably, and that they want to keep their word. By joining ICTCP®, you pledge that you will not (attempt to):

Violations and Sanctions

If violations of this Honor Code are discovered, students may, in case of a first offense, receive a failing grade for any and all exams they had taken so far, or in case of a repeated offense, be expelled from ICTCP® altogether; in both cases, students will not receive any refund.

Against the decision to impose sanctions for violations of this Honor Code, students may lodge an appeal with the Dispute Resolution Committee, whose decision will be final.